Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My friend of 30 years was suffering from the erectile failure.  He has married person and living happily with his wife.  However, with time his wife start cutoff herself from him, as she was not getting pleasing intimacy just because of his erectile failure. He started having erectile trouble when he had testosterone collapse. He went on testosterone supplement, which helped, but he did not really get what he wanted. At that time, he feels so nervous because he did not want to lose his wife. Then his doctor starts his treatment with penile injection. He took these injections for 1 year, but after a while, they started to lose their efficiency. He felt that he was at the end of the road with erectile failure. Then, his one of a friend living in new york suggest him to go for Cenforce 150 mg, that is well-admired medication to cure erectile failure, and needs to be taken before planned intercourse only. He gets admired results and come over the erectile failure in an easy way. Now, he is living happily with his wife and enjoying their love life.

If you too are facing erectile trouble and do not want to spend lots of money, and then go ahead for treatment with Cenforce 150 mg.

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Cenforce 150 mg is well-liked therapy for the cure of erectile failure or penile failure. Sildenafil citrate is the main dynamic module of the medication, which relies on the group of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. They show its working action by obstructing the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme and increase the production of cGMP into the reproductive organ, which is an essential factor for blood flow into the penile area. It also calms down the smooth muscle and enhances the amount of blood flow during intimacy. Keep in mind the medication only works when a man is in aroused state.

Cenforce is commercially accessible into the dose strength of 150 mg. The man has to take one dose of 150 mg via oral route with sufficient amount of water and have to gulp it down 60 minutes former to intercourse. The drug start showing its action within 30 minutes and that lasts longer for 4-5 hours. You can administer the medicament with or without food but have to cut the fatty food ingestion.
The man may experience some not needed side effects that include of facial flushing, tingling sound in ear and stomach, headache, swelling of hands, mount and legs and painful erection take place in case of overdose.
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The man has to bear in mind that use of Cenforce is unsafe if they are suffering from medical issues of allergic reaction, liver or kidney failure, high or low blood pressure, and severe cardiovascular disorder. Man cannot ingest Cenforce if already he is taking nitrate derivative. Consumption of grapefruit juices and the high fatty food is highly barred; else, it may lead to slow down drug activity. Avoid intake of alcohol. Take extra caution while doing the driving or any machinery work after taking Cenforce.

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